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South End Patch

"Talented people no longer simply 'get noticed.' In fact, chances are greater that those without much talent are the ones who'll garner some quick attention.

If you're an artist of some sort, you need to hire help in order to gain exposure... a facebook page and a chunky mailing list make a good start, but to get your work into the hands of people that can genuinely make a difference in your career, you need a PR support system. What's more, whoever you hire to fill that role needs to be impassioned about what they do and about what you do... one without the other just won't work..."

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Art Scope - Mark Drummond Davis - July/August 2010

Industry focus - portrait of the artists' mother: SUZANNE SCHULTZ AND THE ART OF THE PRESENTATION


After reading of her remarkable success, I arrived at our interview expecting to joust with a pushy careerist, but instead spent a cordial hour with a well-intentioned and endearing art lover.

The second thing was that this flourishing businesswoman - whose Boston-based representation firm Canvas Fine Arts has accrued over 30 clients since its 2007 inception..." to read these rest of this article, click here.

"I'm sitting at an outdoor cafe on Newbury st contemplating my decision to have Suzanne and CFA represent my photographic art.

It was an excellent move. I have been introduced to people and exhibited at venues that would have taken me years to accomplish alone, if at all.

In the past 8 months I've had 8 shows, an art review and sold a piece to a London collector. Without Suzanne's help this would not have been realized. I am a commercial fashion photographer and architect. I talked about entering the fine art photography world for several years now and joining the CFA team has made it happen."

-Ron Ranere

"I recommend all artists who want to take their career to the next level to seek out Suzanne's expertise. I've been a professional artist for 8 years and in a very short period of time, she has elevated my gallery representation and quality and quantity of art showings. Suzanne's company is the best investment I've made for fulfilling my aspirations as a very successful artist."

-Lou O’Keefe

"Suzanne Schultz has been very important in my art career. Her professional dedication, her impeccable work, her contacts with BNN TV, her webpage, and the effort to put the artworks in the best and the most beautiful galleries in Boston give her artists an excellent opportunity for success. I am very thankful to her. I appreciate her very much. " -Chichi Uccelli (Perú)

"Suzanne is great! She is one of the nicest persons I know. She is very talented and has supurb eye for art. She knows exacly how things should look, where they should hang, what works, and what doesn't. She is wonderful to work with.

Even though she has around 30 artists under her, it doesn't feel like it. I feel like I am her only artist when I meet/talk with her. She's is very easy to get in touch with.

Suzanne really wants her artists to succeed and with try her best to help in anyway she can. I won her services through her contest. I technially started beeing one of her artist in Jan and already I have had my work in 3 shows in Boston, one being my big solo. And I have another solo show coming up with Art New England! On top of that she has sent me emails for other contests I could enter.

Canvas Fine Arts is a great company! Suzanne will really help move your career foward! And of the best parts of being a part of her world is you get to meet a lot of amazing artists."

-Jeffrey Andree

"I've only been with Suzanne for a day and I already have two shows scheduled."

Brett Wallace, April 2011

"Suzanne Schultz of Canvas Fine Arts, has represented my fine art digital prints since March of 2009. She has done everything and more that she promised me in marketing my art. She also has opened up opportunities beyond what I thought possible. As this was my first attempt at marketing fine art, her help and assistance was invaluable. I have also found Suzanne a pleasure to work with and very professional. She works tirelessly for her artists. I would highly recommend her to represent any artist wanting representation. Sincerely,"

Andrew Swaine, 2010

"As a commercial photographer for many years, I always wanted to move more in the direction of fine art. I'm still earning my living with commercial work, and can't devote full time efforts to fine art. I thought that representation would bridge this gap for me, and help me develop my fine art without taking too much time from my livelihood. I heard about CFA though the Thos. Moser Company, which is my client and also one of Suzanne's venues. When I saw the quality and scope of her work, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her. CFA has helped me on many different levels. I have already had five shows in Boston, and have more scheduled. I am going to Bermuda to have a show and teach a workshop. I have sold fine art photographs, which is feeding my dreams. Suzanne has advised me in many ways about presentation, pricing, and the realities of the art world. I have also met other artists which is a wonderful experience. I have learned a lot in a short time! I am very satisfied and plan to continue working with CFA."

Eric Roth - June 2010

"An artist, like an actor, needs an agent. There really are two businesses in any creative venture – the art itself, and the marketing. Each one is a full time job and there just isn’t time to do both. most artists do not have the time or the expertise to run the business aspect of their art and therefore do not do it. Suzanne was quick to respond to my inquiry and to review my work. She along with her associate, Lise Bean, impressed my with their knowledge of art and with their ideas for taking my business to the next level. Within the first month, CFA had arranged a solo show in Boston and sold two of my works. CFA is a “doer” and get things done. suzanne’s energy and contacts are amazing. I am so glad I found her. Very, not only in what is mentioned above, but in developing a comprehensive plan for developing my business here in the US and in Europe. "

Jack Dzamba - June 2010

"Suzanne intercepted me one day as I was moving work into my studio. She was direct and engaging as she told me she wanted to represent me and open doors for more and varied opportunities to exhibit and sell my work. I was busy and doing well so was not looking for anything extra. Nevertheless her good spirits and energy made a positive impression, so I thought, "Why not have that working for me?" She has delivered on her initial promise and keeps getting better. Exhibitions and sales are up, and I have more time in the studio with fewer busy work tasks to perform...Works for me."

Patrick Pierce, 2009

" In the two years that I have worked with Suzanne, my paintings have hung in solo and group shows, in galleries, stores, cafes and special promotional events. It is all I can do to keep track of what is on display every month. She does not sit around and wait for new venues to come her way. Suzanne is out there getting eyes in front of my paintings all the time. I like to paint, I like to show my work, and I like to talk to people about my paintings. Suzanne has given me opportunities to meet the press and be interviewed on T.V. as well as make presentations at my solo gallery shows. She calls it "building up the resume" and she is right! I paint; Suzanne promotes and sells. That is a good combination. She is fun to work with and she has a reliably strong passion for the business of selling art."

Tally Forbes, April 2009

"A lifetime artist, I have been painting full time since 2002, following a long business career that left too little time for my artwork. While I have been reasonably successful, selling out of my Boston South End studio, establishing a gallery relationship and participating in many shows, I was spending too much time marketing versus painting. It was time for me to find an agent to represent me. I started working with Suzanne about 9 months ago and in a very short time she has demonstrated that she can increase exposure for an artist, both in venues to show work and in increased media coverage. She works hard, is aggressive and trustworthy. Suzanne has been a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to the success of the artists she represents."

Stephen Silver, February 2009