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South End Patch

“Talented people no longer simply ‘get noticed.’ In fact, chances are greater that those without much talent are the ones who’ll garner some quick attention.
If you’re an artist of some sort, you need to hire help in order to gain exposure… a facebook page and a chunky mailing list make a good start, but to get your work into the hands of people that can genuinely make a difference in your career, you need a PR support system. What’s more, whoever you hire to fill that role needs to be impassioned about what they do and about what you do… one without the other just won’t work…”   Read the full article  here

Boston Voyager

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Art Scope – Mark Drummond Davis – July/August 2010

Industry focus – portrait of the artists’ mother: SUZANNE SCHULTZ AND THE ART OF THE PRESENTATION “THE FIRST THING THAT SURPRISED ME ABOUT ARTIST REPRESENTATION MOVER AND SHAKER SUZANNE SCHULTZ WAS THAT SHE’S NOT A SHARK.” After reading of her remarkable success, I arrived at our interview expecting to joust with a pushy careerist, but instead spent a cordial hour with a well-intentioned and endearing art lover. The second thing was that this flourishing businesswoman – whose Boston-based representation firm Canvas Fine Arts has accrued over 30 clients since its 2007 inception…” “I’m sitting at an outdoor cafe on Newbury st contemplating my decision to have Suzanne and CFA represent my photographic art. It was an excellent move. I have been introduced to people and exhibited at venues that would have taken me years to accomplish alone, if at all. In the past 8 months I’ve had 8 shows, an art review and sold a piece to a London collector. Without Suzanne’s help this would not have been realized. I am a commercial fashion photographer and architect. I talked about entering the fine art photography world for several years now and joining the CFA team has made it happen.”

-Ron Ranere